[CHIBIKKO KINGDOM] Last Train x Dead Drunk x Big Sis Chifuyu (Infinite Stratos) [ENG]

Posted On January 21, 2012

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[Asanagi (Fatalpulse)] Girls in the Frame (Comic Megamilk Vol.17) v2 [ENG]

Posted On January 15, 2012

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fixed some typos:



Is he possessed by a demon?  Is that what it is?

This is the first and quite possibly only non-pitch black depressing Fatalpulse story ever.  Still, would be interesting if he continues in this vein.

[GEGERA STANDARD] Present 4 U (P4) [ENG]

Posted On January 15, 2012

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[Crazy9] Yuki Yuno Ai no Mirai Nikki + 2011 Winter Omake (Mirai Nikki)

Posted On January 15, 2012

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spoilers: It’s seriously not going to be  a HAPPY END till later.

Interesting switch back for Crazy9, been a lot of NTR material recently.

[Denki Shougun] MEROMERO GIRLS NEW WORLD (One Piece) [ENG]

Posted On January 7, 2012

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[AimaiMoko] Kitsune Prince Mating Season (Touhou Project) [ENG]

Posted On January 4, 2012

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Found this rather amusing, rare to find that many “straight” genderswap stories outside of Yurikawa’s works.

[Hapoi-Dokoro (Okazaki Takeshi)] Rise Sexualis (Persona 4) [ENG]

Posted On January 2, 2012

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Nice to see more Persona 4 doujin around.  Here’s to animated adaptations and re-releases.

[Hitori Tower Bridge] Mari to Nagai Yoru (Dream C Club) [ENG]

Posted On December 28, 2011

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[Clesta (Cle Masahiro)] CL-orz 18 (TIGER & BUNNY) [ENG]

Posted On December 26, 2011

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[Amagi Michihito] Sudden Last Battle [ENG]

Posted On December 10, 2011

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