[Shunjou Shuusuke] Secret Lesson (MUJIN 2012-06) [ENG]

Posted On November 27, 2012

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And now you know why I translated the title of the last one as Private Lesson instead of Secret Lesson. Lot of hairbands in Shuusuke’s work this year.

[Shunjou Shuusuke] Private Lesson (MUJIN 2012-08) [ENG] V2

Posted On November 20, 2012

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More Shunjou Shuusuke, still waiting for Sentiment Ch 2.

edit: added missed page 24, fixed page 25 and page 28.

[Carn] Killing Time with the Freshman (COMIC Megastore 2012-11) [ENG]

Posted On October 20, 2012

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A non-NTR, non-rage inducing Carn story. That’s like a unicorn.

[Kazuhiro] ERROR (COMIC Tenma 2012-04) [ENG]

Posted On October 16, 2012

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Slight wrinkle on Kazuhiro’s regular material. Think I’ll do that non-NTR carn short next.

[Ooshima Ryou] In-Maniac (Megastore 2011-12) [ENG]

Posted On February 1, 2012

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Interesting mix, demon girls and twins. (kinda)

Hope Ooshima will do another extended story soon.


[Asanagi (Fatalpulse)] Girls in the Frame (Comic Megamilk Vol.17) v2 [ENG]

Posted On January 15, 2012

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fixed some typos:



Is he possessed by a demon?  Is that what it is?

This is the first and quite possibly only non-pitch black depressing Fatalpulse story ever.  Still, would be interesting if he continues in this vein.

[Amagi Michihito] Sudden Last Battle [ENG]

Posted On December 10, 2011

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[Somejima] Libido of Vampire (Unreal 2011-10) [ENG]

Posted On November 27, 2011

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[Amagi Michihito] Jet Black Saint Maria [ENG]




Hah, finally found a demon girl work someone else didn’t already translate.

So not finishing Muchiero, but still plenty of other Michihito works out there.

[Coelacanth] Heat Island (Funky Glamourous Ch 2)

Posted On December 5, 2010

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probably shoulda locked that door…

Another Glasses Girl -> Something Else scenario,  though this is less comedy than Change and more cute.

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