[Tendou Kikaku (Tendou Kuon)] bind [ENG]

Posted On November 3, 2012

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mystical mindbreak. Doubt I’ll do anything else by this circle.

[Studio Mizuyokan (Higashitotsuka Raisuta)] SMILE PARTY HYPER! (Smile Precure!) [ENG]



Another one featuring all the previous Pretty Cures.

[Gerupin (Minazuki Juuzou)] An Afternoon Liaison with My Naughty Dear, Nao (Smile Precure!) [ENG]

Posted On October 22, 2012

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Nothing going in the futanari? good enough for me.

Some happy Smile Precure before Mizuyoukan.

[Alemateorema (Kobayashi Yutaka)] GARIGARI 41 (Fate stay night) [ENG]

Posted On September 8, 2012

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[Studio Mizuyokan] SMILE PARTY (Smile Precure!) [ENG]



so yeah, let me know when digital version of SMILE PARTY HYPER! gets posted and I’ll translate that one too.

[Eroquis] Hamecomi (ENG)

Posted On March 17, 2012

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In collaboration with Rinsako (scanned) and Little White Butterflies (translated 2nd story, edited).

Main story is based off a Madhouse X-men anime.  Standard Eroquis stuff, but this one is full color.

[Alemateorema] GARIGARI 38 (Fate) [ENG]

Posted On March 11, 2012

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Saber-san, Total Respect, yo.

Carnival Phantasm yields more unexpected fruit, never thought I’d see another Saber Alter doujin, ever.  Thanks to Hobbitmon for the scan, hopefully someone will scan the sequel GG41 in the future too.

[Studio Mizuyokan (Higashitotsuka Raisuta)] Suite Ensemble [ENG]



A cat is fine too…

First off: yes, I have altered Muse.  Someone else is free to change her back if they want, I will not.  Other than that, you know the deal: full color, group, mind break.

[Kabayakiya (Unagimaru)] Mugi-chan’s Secret Part Time Job 5 (K-ON!) [ENG]

Posted On February 25, 2012

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Time for a timeskip.

Kabayakiya’s Tsumugi series continues, this time with adult Tsumugi.   Full Color, all pretty happy, eyebrows.  you know the deal.

Gonna go finish new Mizuyokan doujin now.

[Alan Smithee] My Lonely Never Ending Game of Hide and Seek [ENG]

Posted On January 25, 2012

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Ghosts kinda remind me of something out of P&SwG.

Took forever to edit, but it’s full color, so why not?  Also Megaupload is dead, so only one download link for now.

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