[Studio Mizuyokan (Higashitotsuka Raisuta)] SMILE PARTY HYPER! (Smile Precure!) [ENG]



Another one featuring all the previous Pretty Cures.

[Kazuhiro] ERROR (COMIC Tenma 2012-04) [ENG]

Posted On October 16, 2012

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Slight wrinkle on Kazuhiro’s regular material. Think I’ll do that non-NTR carn short next.

[Studio Mizuyokan] SMILE PARTY (Smile Precure!) [ENG]



so yeah, let me know when digital version of SMILE PARTY HYPER! gets posted and I’ll translate that one too.

[Yuzuki N Dash] Ane-Koi Ch 0-5 [ENG] (Complete)

Posted On July 11, 2012

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Behold: Cake End.

That’s it for this story. Went back over the previous chapters and made a few more corrections.

[Yuzuki N Dash] Ane Koi Ch 4 [ENG]

Posted On June 24, 2012

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[Eroquis] Hamecomi (ENG)

Posted On March 17, 2012

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In collaboration with Rinsako (scanned) and Little White Butterflies (translated 2nd story, edited).

Main story is based off a Madhouse X-men anime.  Standard Eroquis stuff, but this one is full color.

[Studio Mizuyokan (Higashitotsuka Raisuta)] Suite Ensemble [ENG]



A cat is fine too…

First off: yes, I have altered Muse.  Someone else is free to change her back if they want, I will not.  Other than that, you know the deal: full color, group, mind break.

[Kabayakiya (Unagimaru)] Mugi-chan’s Secret Part Time Job 5 (K-ON!) [ENG]

Posted On February 25, 2012

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Time for a timeskip.

Kabayakiya’s Tsumugi series continues, this time with adult Tsumugi.   Full Color, all pretty happy, eyebrows.  you know the deal.

Gonna go finish new Mizuyokan doujin now.

[Ooshima Ryou] In-Maniac (Megastore 2011-12) [ENG]

Posted On February 1, 2012

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Interesting mix, demon girls and twins. (kinda)

Hope Ooshima will do another extended story soon.


[Alan Smithee] My Lonely Never Ending Game of Hide and Seek [ENG]

Posted On January 25, 2012

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Ghosts kinda remind me of something out of P&SwG.

Took forever to edit, but it’s full color, so why not?  Also Megaupload is dead, so only one download link for now.

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