[Kabayakiya (Unagimaru)] Mugi-chan’s Secret Part Time Job 5 (K-ON!) [ENG]

Posted On February 25, 2012

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Time for a timeskip.

Kabayakiya’s Tsumugi series continues, this time with adult Tsumugi.   Full Color, all pretty happy, eyebrows.  you know the deal.

Gonna go finish new Mizuyokan doujin now.

[KABAYAKIYA] Mugi-chan’s Secret Part Time Job 4 (K-ON!) [ENG]

[KABAYAKIYA] Mugi-chan’s Secret Part Time Job 3 (K-ON!) [ENG]



What about eyebrows?

Did 1, didn’t do 2, here’s 3.  Like the second, it’s in full color.

[Kabayakiya (Unagimaru)] Mugi-chan’s Secret Part Time Job (K-ON!) [ENG]

[Kabayakiya] SECRET MENU (Dragon Quest) (English)

Alright, I’ll be operating out of here for the time being.

Here’s a quick Kabayakiya DQ9 doujin.  I expected someone else to pick it up by now (everyone loves Kabayakiya), but seeing as how it still wasn’t out as far as I could tell, I decided to translate it after all.