alright, you can leave suggestions here.   look at my previous releases if you want to get an idea for what I’d be interested in doing.   no scat, guro, etc.

Leave a response and help improve reader response. All your responses matter, so say whatever you want. But please refrain from spamming and shameless plugs, as well as excessive use of vulgar language.

260 Responses to “suggestions”

  1. Cobra

    Name: Madam Hisae’s Diary

    The first volume of this manga has been translated by Fated Circle Tranlations but unfortunately second volume is not translated at all so I and many others are wondering how it ends.It would be great if you could translate or at least consider tranlating the last chapter so we can learn the ending.You can find the chapter raws online at and this is the dowload link for the chapter

  2. Meto

    Would you consider translating this one shot? The story looks interesting and the artwork seems nice.

  3. Anonymous

    Dark man, there is plenty of macross doujins waiting for translation.
    Check it out please, we need some sheryl love around.


  4. Anonymous

    Would you be interested in translating the Gundam Seed Ketsu Megaton doujin please. Thanks.

  5. Anonymous

    I posted on Fakku a while back. Would you mind finishing up Triple HHH by the Shiwasu no Okina? Like I said back then, the last two chapters seem like the best of the series. I’ve seen some Shiwasu no Okina from you before, including the last release, so I’ve been wondering if you’d be curious. One was translated since then, but there don’t seem to be any plans of the last one getting done, so there’s just one more and the suspense of not knowing what’s happening is bothering me. 😛

    The last chapter can be found in pretty good quality in the series pack below. The second chapter is messy, but that shouldn’t make a difference.

  6. Shadow

    Please translate this great doujin

  7. S@t

    ermmm… teacher and student the manga you did ch6 for…

    if u could finish that last chapter up youd make a ton of peeps happy…

    frikkin forgot my e-hentai pass

  8. nwt

    Oh hey, there’s a suggestions page. Missed that, sorry.

    Anyway, here’s mine again:

    Available at:

  9. Anonymous

    I’d like to recommend the artist:
    KITAKAWA Touta

    Impressive artwork in my opinion

  10. Boyy

    It would be nice if you could translate this one shot.

  11. mask de smith

    heres another one from Isako it doesnt have any weird stuff it would be awaeso if you could translate it

  12. 3333h

    Hi darknight, it would be really awesome if you can translate this:


    It is the 2nd chapter of “W-HIP” by LINDA, imho a very great artist. There are a few translated works by this artist, i don’t know why.
    This one is a very good oneshot, please try it and let me know what do you think.

    Thanks in advance.

    p.s. if you want, i can provide you the whole tankoubon’s raw.

  13. 3333h

    Sorry for the double post, here it is a Megaupload link too:


    • darknight001

      Linda shows up and reports people who posts their works online, that’s why people don’t do them.

      • 3333h

        Wow, i have no idea of this.

        Sorry for the links, i didn’t want to put you in some troublesome. Sorry again.

  14. Humu

    This one looks good.It would be nice if you could translate it.

  15. 3333h

    Hope in a good suggestion this time. These are three of the “gods of big breast/milf action”.

    Takehiro Miura
    -Dominance vol.1 (vol.2 is translated by Brolen) ->
    -Two short stories (all the infos in the title gallery) ->

    Tatsunami Youtoku
    Some short stories here (all infos in the title gallery) ->

    -Kotoyoshi Yumisuke (no need to explain who he is, right ?)
    Two (very good) short stories: ->

    I think all these three artists are rellay good, and think many people would enjoy a translation of this. Thanks in advance.

  16. neo001

    May I ask what’s the name of the manga that appears in your credit page?

  17. Lunatic

    Hi darknight, i am trying to get Urushihara Satoshi boks translated. Right now i have Chirality vol.1 and 2 translated and edited with some gaps and mistakes that needs rewiewing and fixing.(got the script elsewhere) I am loking for someone to translate the 3rd volume and check the previous. Here are previews of the raws, i can send you the translated version via e-mail if you would be interested. Thanks.

  18. Mevan883

    I have two suggestion since you just finished [Ooshima Ryou] – A Day in the Life of the Theater Club
    Can you pick up [Makinosaka Shinichi] Pure Girl
    Also [Chiba Toshirou] Dress Select
    I love the art in both seris they were started and not finished

    • darknight001

      Alright, I’ve decided to pick up one of Makinosaka Shinichi’s more recent one-shots.

  19. Dude

    You should translate Monhan no Ero Hon 7 over again, since the original wasn’t that well done.

  20. huntethan2

    I would like to suggest this original doujin by Z-Front circle:

    [Z-FRONT] Pai☆rela (Original)

    Schoolgirl goes to massage parlor and gets too carried away… 😀

    Many thanks for your excellent work with “A Day in the Life of the Theater Club”!

  21. redbone

    I’d like to make 2 suggestions, and I’m hoping you’ll add the missing chaps to finish these books

    1st Hakaba’s Kakusei Aido: chaps 1-2,4,6,8-9 have already been done, 2 more and the book is completed

    and 2nd Ei Itou’s Koi No Namida To Ai No Mitu: is missing chaps 4-5, 7 & assorted extras

  22. Kino

    I looked through your previous releases and the Isako Rokuroh stories from Bishoujo Kakumei Kiwame vol 1 and 6 by you and the story from vol 3 was translated by anonygoo. But the one from vol 2 doesn’t seem to be translated by anyone yet.

  23. hhjun

    I’d like to suggest this Takatsu one shot:

    [Takatsu] Datte Datte no Akuma san (Comic Megastore 2009-12)

    hope you like it!

  24. mikage24

    Hi! Whenever you feel like doing a Code Geass doujinshi, please please please consider CREAYUS works! She’s one of the best artists in CG fandom and you’ll make many people happy by translating her famous doujinshi, just like your previous translation of Kurimomo doujin XD

    Here’s all of her works and a lot of Code Geass raw doujinshi from other artists:


  25. mevan883

    Hey I wrote to earlier about doing a few things I was also wondering if you would be willing to do HQ verison of chapter 1 and 2 of Soushisouai Note [Fukudahda]

    Negi Ramen did the whole book but the scans were different from the rest. Chapter 1 was a smaller scan and chapter two was a magzine verison, I just wanted to see those two in the same quality as the whole book.

  26. pervysage

    Would you take this in consideration for translating. I have the other parts but what to see what you think of the artist work.

    Moriya Makoto

  27. Old Friend

    Hello. How about translate this manga [Yuzuki n Dash] Another World
    – this comics is well drawn
    – not much censored
    – no perverted stuff
    – I think there are interesting storyline

    Thanks in advance ^^

  28. Anonymous

    Would you consider translating these from final fantasy XI? They look interesting and the art is nice.
    Nande mithra no
    Nande mithra no 2

  29. VinEr

    could you translate this detective conan manga??
    thx before

  30. SilentRunner

    I don’t know how interested you might be in this, but there is a Injyu Seisen Twin Angels Manga that is an anthology of Twin Angels stories done by multiple artists. If you would have time to translate this, that would be a treasure to have, to be certain. Here is a e-hentai link.
    Thank you for listening and thank you even more if you have the time to translate this!!!

  31. zoomzoom

    This is a hentai manga on 1 volume by Kohaku Sumeragi called Sweet3 Room. It’s about a guy who suddenly gets 3 women who want to stay at his place. It’s a mother and her 2 daughters; 1 loli and 1 tsundere with boobs. They won’t stay there for free since it would be a bad deal for him. Instead they offer they bodies for the stay so if he wants to do them, he can.
    The art is nice and the story is cute as it progress from harem to a single romance couple in the end. There are cosplaying, orgy(1 male, 3 girls), comedy, love, tsundere, milf, loli, cat ears and WITHOUT any kind of shitty stuff like guro, scat, goldenshowers, BDSM, torture, NTR, yaoi, yuri.

    You can see more here:

    I dunno how g.e-hentai work and if you can download from them or not. If not and you want to do this as one of your projects, just tell me and I’ll upload the version I got on 60mb.

    Thanks for your time for reading this and thanks a lot for doing such great titles that most hentai scanlators doesn’t do since they got a NTR, loli, tentacle and other weird fetishes….

    Oh and keep up the superb work (^.^)-b

  32. Laudator

    Hi Darknight !!

    First of all i wish to congratulate you on your work and most of all the Hitagiri work you just released.

    As a suggestion i would say Hitagiri Mange released in COMIC Megastore 2010-04 page 371.

    Thanks you for everything.


  33. 3333h

    Hi Darknight, what’s about this:

  34. Yuki


    Please, could you translate this doujin:

    Thanks in advance. ^_^

  35. Yuki

    Well, his translation wasn’t very good and there is a lot of thing that i didn’t understand at all.

  36. mevan883

    Please, could you translate the first chapter and redo the second of [Sasagawa Hayashi] zutto isshoni

    Most of the manga was done using Magzine raws but I liked the first two chapter(the first was not done).

  37. Tornado

    Hi man, thanks for the hard work.

    Just a tip: Your credit page still stands for your blogspot site.

    Keep it doing a great job!

  38. D.N.A.

    hey darknight,
    im just wondering if u translate loli?
    would you consider that “weird”?

  39. Fan

    Hi Darknight, do you do parodies? If you do, can you please translate this one?

    thanks a bunch!

  40. mask de smith

    this one seems nice good drawings big breasts it would be great if you could translate it

  41. mask de smith

    sorry for double posting i forgot to add this one
    its a really short one

  42. Anonymous

    Hi Darknight and thank you for your work, what’s about this:

  43. redbone

    I mentioned this awhile back but no one’s picked it up since then so I’m hoping after you do the next chap of After School(I assume) you’ll consider finishing Koi No Namida To Ai No Mitu(The Tears of Love and Love Juice) by Ei Itou:

    there’s only 3 chaps and the extras left:

  44. Elmokills22

    hey there, i was wondering if you would translate any love hina doujins by Big Boss, he does really good work but none are translated and doujin moe wont help me, will you?
    here is the link for the one i really want done, it has all the girls if you have seen love hina

  45. XZX

    Hey, I have a question regarding one of your releases – specifically, this Muramasa doujin by Digital Accel Works ( What is the font you used for the names on page 3?

  46. 3333h

    Ehi darknight, thanks a lot for all your works. Some wish to translate this one from Yunioshi (Comic Megastore 2008-09) ?

    pages 194 to 217

  47. Akenshi

    Hi Darknight, you should consider this for translate, is a good tentacle 90% manga and gender bender in 10% caller Milkcure, its complete raw in:

    There is a more or less translation to the chapter 6, but I prefer your version if you take the proyect. See ya.

  48. societym

    Could you consider translating these nice Secret Society M doujins? You’ve already translated some secret society before.
    And possibly this.

  49. redbone

    here’s a new one that caught my eye, Imouto to Tsukiau 11 no Houhou by Sawano Akira. its full of chibi/sd characters and exaggerated expressions so it seems to have alot of humor I can read, also the sex all seems to be “happy” sex so there’s no bad aftertaste when you’re done reading it.

  50. yoro

    Would you translate those few pics?

  51. kebab of dooom

    Hi Darknight, your fan here.
    Just wanna ask.. do you plan to continue translating Shiwasu no Okina’s latest work, Pisu Hame?
    Would be awesome if you do, Thanks!

    • darknight001

      are more chapters out?

      • Anonymous

        Now yes. 😀
        See for raws.

        Hope you will continue, that would rock 🙂

      • Anonymous

        I second this request as the chapters have been out for some time and nobody seems to be translating them from what I can find.

  52. pRoMeThEuS

    You already translated some chapters of Yukimi – Birthday, big THX.
    So, i wonder whether you could translate some other chapters of Yukimi – Kanobana?

    There are already some translated chapters (magazine):
    1-6) Metronome, chapter 1 by unknown
    7) Vagrant
    8) Ai no mama ni, Wagamama ni by kusanyagi
    9) A Lovely Night To Fall In Love by Sling
    10) Cherry Pink by desudesu

  53. Yuki


    Please, could you translate this doujin:

    You’ve already translated the volume 1.

    Thanks in advance. ^_^

  54. Stardust

    i’d like you to translate this 2 manga ^^

    1. pic 99-132

    2. pic 113-132

    sorry about couldn’t find a better link xD

  55. 3333h

    Chapt.2 of the Hitagiri ongoing serie here:

    Thanks for all your works^^

  56. Gyre

    I’d like to suggest the following two. The first is by Nozomu Tamaki (to be frank I’d suggest anything of his).

    The second is Itaba Hiroshi and again I’d suggest anything from this one that hasn’t been translated yet.

  57. Mr. Important

    Yo,would you be interested in translating these two,or hell,even one DQ5 Doujins? They’re done by Studio Pal.

    Monster Play

    Virgin Sacrifice

  58. unnamed

    hi darknight, just asking, do you have an e-mail so I can contact you?

  59. Stunned

    Continuation of a Day in the Life of the Theater Club in the new tank of Ooshima Ryou(page 72 onwards) here:


  60. Endless

    Can you please translate these two works by “Daigo” if u like it and have time!


  61. kasumihero

    Would you consider translating Anetoriu by Raymon?

  62. darkapple

    I know that you work on translating manga, but I cant help but ask if you would be willing to help with translating visual novel about monstergirl. Its not really long but we would be happy to get any amount of help. So please at least check it out so maybe you’ll get interested 🙂

    heres the link

  63. michael

    one of the best ones you’ve ever done was pisu hame by shiwasu no okina.

    the next chapters have started coming out…so I wanted to see if this is something you would want to keep doing.

    here is a link to the japanese version.

    • darknight001

      got too loli. sorry.

      • michael

        Sorry…I didn’t notice. Loli is gross.

        On the other hand, as best as I can tell, there are only two pages of that stuff, and all of it is “photographs”, with no significant dialogue.

        Any chance of just cutting those two pages, and translating the rest? Shiwasu no Akina is too great to pass up.

  64. Anonymous

    From the images, this seems like a sweet Amagami doujin, called “Kamen Yuutousei to hentai Shinshi” by Secret Society M:

    I’d really appreciate it if you could translate it.

  65. 3333h

    Not properly a suggestion, but keep working on Amagi Michihito. Thanks ^__^

    p.s. ehi darknight, sorry, you have a personal message on e-hentai forum, it’s important.

  66. ihatescrin

    (C79) [UDON-YA (Kizuki Aruchu)] Monhan no Erohon 10 (Monster Hunter)
    you are teh best man for this job!

  67. Zathael

    The “Sweet Lip” tankoubon by Thomas just showed up on

    I think the two Thomas oneshots you previously did are now part of that tankoubon. Just thought you might want to know… 😉

  68. mike

    Since you translated a lot of the other one’s how bout the new MonHon no Ero that was released at c79 i think its #10

  69. 3333h

    Ehi darknight, your post about OLD RELEASES seems unavailable. Any will to re-do a batch for them ?

  70. chudyedd

    Hi, could you translate this, I will be grateful

    [Hana Hook] Haha Shikkaku Watashi wa Musuko Tomodachi no Mesu Buta Dorei

  71. otakuandyadontstop

    Could you translate this?
    Oda Non’s Latest Work its called Manatsu No Yoru No Inmu

  72. zz

    was hoping you would translate another Udon-ya work.
    Udonko 9

  73. Varezart

    Could you translate this?

    Chapter 1:
    Chapter 2:
    Chapter 3:
    Chapter 4:

    I will be very grateful 🙂

  74. dom777

    Could you translate Naruko Hanaharu’s “Ubu Chu”

  75. my names cake :)

    Could youse translate Learning School by Type90 for me please?

  76. anon

    page 1-27 was done by sayo already. no one is doing the rest though.

  77. chowder

    Hey could you translate Akatsuki Giken’s ‘Tomodachi To Teta Haha’ I have been searching for his works in english throughout the web, but only found 1 and that’s when I stumbled upon your site…I would be very grateful if you do it, atleast even if you give me the text translations 🙂

  78. Doppleganger

    I just wanted to say thanks because way back when you did my request for a Kouchaya doujin for Gundam 00

    This time I’ll suggest either Fueta Kishi’s one of recent works for Fukuyama-San 2

    or if you’ve ever seen Seitokai Yakuin-domo, this one:

    Anyways whatever you do keep up the good work, you have pretty excellent taste

  79. my names cake :)


  80. Minecrafter
    Can you translate FLOWER 3 at least?

  81. blitz

    Would you be interested in this?

    Ver9 – Kanojo ga Kahanshin dake de Otoko wo Eranjau Ohanashi

    It’s full-color.

  82. Zenza

    how about demons souls doujin

    also you gonna continue tsukino jyogis afterschool?

  83. SantosNegro

    Sorry Darknight came out more chapters 03 – 09 of Shiwasu no Okina Pisu Hame okina not be interested in translating? if you need them, I would uploading

  84. Worren

    Hi! Would you be interestend in translating the last from Evork Festa?
    [Evork Festa] Yakunin Tengoku
    I will be very grateful! Thx

  85. peverted dude

    could you translate this
    its one of amagi michihito recent releases from comic unreal 2011
    if the link doesn’t work you find it on ex-hentai in one of the galleries ‘comic unreal 2011-02 vol 29 , pages 234 to 251

  86. Hariwald

    Hi, there are several hentai titles that come to mind, but right now I’m very curious about an ongoing manga by Yuzuki N Dash called Sister Control (Ch. 1-3
    Would be very much appreciated if you’d pick it up. 🙂

  87. Shinox

    well have a doujinshi that long ago that I do not see it in another language would be (C69) [Studio Wallaby (Haruhonya)] Ah! Pet-sama ga Peorth (Oh Megami-sama/Ah! My Goddess) are seen in Japanese until now

  88. TK

    Hi darknight, considering you do monster hunter doujins often,can you translate [Fujiya Honten (Thomas)] Hunter’s Bible (Monster Hunter) please?

  89. Anonymous

    could you translate this one happy sex and big breasts whats not to like

  90. michelous

    here are some happy sex bleach dj
    and a code geass gender change dj

    i have translation bounties on all of these

  91. michelous

    could you’ll do some of the bleach dj i have bounties on

  92. iglo

    hey any chance you could consider doing third chapter of courtship vector?

  93. net

    As a web resource for enterprises and technological innovation enthusiasts to stick to the newest and best progress in Unified Communications, IP Telephony, Hosted Communications and VoIP.

  94. steve

    Just gonna leave that there ahead of time and hope that you pick it up when it’s scanned.

  95. Anonymous

    Hey Dark nice work XD
    was hoping you could finish the Pisu Hame series. loooooove Shiwasu no okina 😛

    • Annoymous

      On the contrary, I’d rather you wait until the tank(s) are scanned…

  96. kusanagi177

    Monhan no Erohon 11 please translate XD

  97. Asai

    I don’t think anyone has translated this Isao yet. It’s Sailor Moon, I think you once did one from this series perhaps you would be interested in doing this one as well.

  98. Anonymous

    Hello, I noticed you’ve been translating the last few Monhan no Erohon. If you were thinking of doing #11, well, you don’t need to. To put it bluntly, I already translated the whole thing and sent the script to another guy for typesetting. It’s probably done in a couple of days.
    No need for two groups to work on the same doujinshi, right?

  99. zeldawing

    I suggest saint foire festival serives vol3 to vol5 – vol3 – vol4 – vol5

    I think it has great drawings, so I suggest these mangas.
    Always appreciate the great works darknight.

  100. Vanro

    Hey i know you luv UDON-ya as much as me so could you do Monhan no Erohon 11 (Monster Hunter) plz your awsome and ty!

  101. steve

    It’s been over a month and no one’s done Monhan no Erohon 11 😦

    Could you please do it?

  102. Doppleganger

    Sorry I didn’t even notice how redundant my comment was

  103. Anonymous

    So I was just wondering: has anyone finished Monhan no Erohon #11? I’m very interested in the series, and am looking forward to it very much. I noticed you translated several of the series, and loved them each time. Thanks for your translations! ^^

    Just wondering about the status, hehe.

  104. Anonymous

    Sorry, I did in fact notice how obviously redundant it was, and that you probably were using a filter for *that* phrase (and I also did want to mention that the original post and apologize in advance in that post). Just wanted to inquire once more and say thanks. >.<

  105. Doppleganger

    Dagashi has come out with new stuff although it seems to be incest, dunno if that matters to you. A lot of stuff in this compilation is pretty solid

  106. Anonymous

    Please translate this doujin. I have been Wata 120 percent manga fan and want this to be translated.

    Please and Thank you.

  107. Anonymous

    Are you going to be finishing up the rest of the chapter for Pisu Hame, by Shiwasu no Okina?

      • Anonymous

        Do you know if anyone else is doing the translations for it?

  108. Anonymous

    Would you please consider doing the Hitori Tower Bridge’s c80 book?

  109. sk

    HQ scans of CLORZ 18 are out

  110. Ash

    If possible I’d like to see you continue translating Courtship Vector. There are now five chapters released but two translated.

  111. Red Vodka

    Hi, my name is Red Vodka. I’m a translstor from Little White Butterflies. I’m sorry for posting this here, but I couldn’t find an email address to contact you.

    I was wondering if you would be interested in gaining access to our forums to see what projects we’re working on. Our hope is that we can save a lot of headaches by avoiding intentional sniping, especially with Comiket.

    If you’re interested please check our forums:

    – Red Vodka

  112. RanneRo

    “Urakan’s awesomenesses” here i suggest to you, different style, simple, nonsense and very interesting imo. Just one among them at least please, thank you so much!

  113. Domomo

    Name : jazetsu, artist : majimeya Thanks for your consideration !

  114. darknight001

    somebody else did it.

  115. Nic

    Hello Mister DarkNight
    My friend and I are about to start a hentai site and we started collecting some hentai images, mangas and such. It has come to our attention that we will be using some of your scanlations for the website, since the scans are accessible and of good quality. This message was simply to inform you that not only we will be using some of your scans, but we will also credit you for your work. A direct link to your website will be posted with every one of your scans and the watermarks/back pages identifying your translation work will be left untouched.
    We hope this doesn’t cause any inconveniences, if there is any problem please contact us at Review.and.Critic ’’at’’ and we will be sure to respond as soon as possible.
    Thank you for your cooperation and I hope we can work together in a near future.

  116. Danou

    Hi darknight ! It’s a majimeya’s doujin : majimeya juu : ! Thanks you !!

    • Danou

      I don’t find it translated

  117. Chessy

    Can you translate these? Both of them are the same but the second link have better quality and it’s in Chinese.

    It would be awesome if you could help translate this Beelzebub doujin as well since Beelzebub doujin is very rare.

    Thanks in advance.

  118. hellman

    I don’t think anyone has translated this Kino Hitoshi’s manga yet. In my opinion, this artist has released many great manga, but most of them have never been translated.

    [Kino Hitoshi] Kino Hitoshi Tanpenshuu Aijou Hyougen

    Thanks for your consideration.

  119. Progenitor

    Wondering if you’d consider this one? Has a nice image with and without text format for easier editing.

  120. FortressFortuna

    An Infinite Stratos doujin involving mind-controlling Houki. Thanks in advance – keep it up, you’re amazing!

  121. Dark King

    If you ever need an editor to TS or make it look pretty. Contact me

  122. midnigth

    there is a decensored and complete of asobare dear sex friend in but it´s in japanese. i hope it helped. don´t know, whatever, thanks for the chaps.

  123. hellman

    Pisu hame from Shiwasu Okina now release the final chapter and the series finally end , so please translate the next chapter soon. This series really is masterpiece.

  124. Rins

    Since you did most of the other Mizuyokan trans.

  125. j_rutherford

    Good day darknight. here’s one from Sansyoku Amido.

    It’s a very sexy manga and it would be an honor if you do the translation for it.

  126. awesomeman

    Hi! Thanks for the translations! I would like to see more Studio Mizuyokan stuff (particularly precure :))

    pretty similar to some of the ones you did before… thanks!

  127. rinsako

    I am the scanner of said doujin, It’s a QB Parody one with the 2nd one translated already (this is the 3rd). I have the 1st one in transit as well.

    I have a few other doujins as well (30ish in transit) including some real nice ones (Full colour Eroquis)

    I also am looking at requests, so post at:

    • darknight001

      Was actually looking at that the other day. And I do want to do those Celluloid Acme and Eroquis ones. Alright, wrapping up Mizuyokan doujin now, willing to pick this up after another chapter of Sis Love.

  128. MengerSponge

    Have you checked out Goban’s work?

  129. Jose

    please consider to transalate this one piece hentai doujin:

  130. catdrag0n

    How about the 2 last chapters of “Karadajuu, nurunuru desu” :, I could take care of the decensoring 😉

  131. Anonymous

    Monhan no Erohon 12. Please and thanks?

  132. Mizuyokan Lover

    Will you continue to cover Studio Mizuyokan’s work? The digital release for SMILE PARTY is now available.

  133. Anonymous

    I’ve always been curious about this:

  134. johnsmith

    i was wondering if you can please do Ma ga Ochiru Yoru: Demonic Imitator i can only find chapters 1-5 that that has been translated into english


  135. Shadow5YA

    [Koreeda Kazuhiro] The Twilight Girls -Inmu Nyuuetsu-

    The tags say it all.

  136. joeym30
    (COMIC MUJIN 2012-04)

    couple pages may look like group/rape it’s really not shes just imagining & this is actually incest/vanilla

    the art is really good & no one seems to have notice this yet hopefully you can do it if you have free time.. thanks!

  137. johnsmith

    i just got both anthologies to ma ga ochiru yoru so i was wondering if you could do those, they are hard to find but i got them so if you need them email me

    thanks for your work

  138. Elevator Doors

    New alan smith on exhentai. Bounties were put up but it seems no one delievered. Its totally worth it and you did an awesome job with hide and seek.

  139. Cure Fuckable

    Any idea on what you plan to work on next? Can you do that new Smile Party?

    • Anonymous

      you got the right idea man! 🙂

    • darknight001

      yep, done.

      • Cure Fuckable

        Thank you SO much! fapfapfapfapfap

  140. touhoufanatic

    it’s the only one from c control i could find but there is no translation for (C81) [Aa Aishiteru (Taishow Tanaka)] Cream pie ([C] THE MONEY OF SOUL AND POSSIBILITY CONTROL) if it intrests you to do

  141. Grey Fox

    Hey, DK.

    You take paid commissions by chance? If so, you have an email (or just contact me)?

  142. bottlehead

    What about this? It’s really hot. A shame that no one has translated it yet.

  143. Rael

    I was wondering if you can please do Prison of crime and punishment of Wingbird

  144. touhoufanatic

    if your willing to do it i also found two well slime doujins that need transalting, one touhou and ine oreiemo
    [Nyanko no Me (Tamakko)] Nensei Yuugi – Touhou
    [Kurodamaya] kurokera RJ076517 – oriemo

  145. IC_21

    this one? [Studio Mizuyokan (Higashitotsuka Raisuta)] BEAUTY FULL LIFE DL (Smile Precure!) [Digital]

  146. Anonymous

    Can u please translate this work by kishizuka kenji. Sadly i cant get a copy of the japanese version just the chinese one here’s the link

  147. anoyy991

    Hey man… can u translate this to Eng very.

    Artist – tokie hirohito
    Manga – courtship vector @ Kyuuai vector
    Chapter 3 – 6.
    Link –
    then oliver of hentairules ask him upload it to his website or u can email me the website where u upload the translated ver. The password to the rar file is mzb169.

  148. elusmus

    I saw you translated Ootsuka Kotora, how about this one?

  149. yes

    let’s try this one too, the art is a bit old but it’s so good, simple but beautiful,and it’s very long series too.
    [Seme Danjou (Mashiraga Aki)] FORK IN THE ROAD
    ep 1
    ep 2 end

  150. masterchief11777

    i fond on ex-hentai a upload that showing that you have forgoten to Translate a cuple of Pages of you chapters of [Tsukino Jyogi] Afterschool

  151. masterchief11777

    ch.2 page 22 and 23 of the first page on your last side is page 24
    ch.3 page 20 and 21 form the first black and White page on your last page is 22

  152. BestGuess

    How much do you charge to requested translations, just curious or how would we go about getting something translated

    • darknight001

      This is a hobby for me, I don’t do commissions. Make a suggestion and I may be interested, or try one of the other very nice translators out there.

  153. WKMAN

    any updates on [Studio Mizuyokan (Higashitotsuka Raisuta)] BEAUTY FULL LIFE DL (Smile Precure!) [Digital] ???

  154. john smith

    i would like to see ma ga ochiru yoru anthology 1 and 2 done. i already asked a lot of people and the turned by down and it took me days to find it and so i was hoping you can do these, thanks for reading this message.

  155. Anonymous

    I’m gonna go ahead and suggest you translate any untranslated Studio Mizuyokan Precure doujins you find. I’d appreciate if you did any of ’em, really.

  156. transexuals video

    I don’t know if it’s just me or if everybody else encountering problems with your site.
    It appears as though some of the written text on your posts are running off the screen.
    Can someone else please comment and let me
    know if this is happening to them as well? This
    may be a problem with my web browser because I’ve had this happen before. Many thanks

  157. Anonymous

    Another fantasy 7 note this is a CG set

  158. Rei

    ICYMI : GariGari 44 Raw scan is out

    here’s the link :

  159. Anonymous

    Maybe a picture to show what the translation is about, could help. Thank you

  160. darknight(yes me 2 XD)

    Hey, I would love it if you could translate some of the uncensored versions of Monster Hunters that have been out already. It’s easier to have a copy that’s translated + uncensored, then have 2 & well you know…
    Let me know what you think, if there is any hope of it happening.
    Thanks, and great work!

  161. Caska

    I have some loli+monster doujin art images that I found on pixiv. I’ve been trying to get translated for a long time now requesting on different boards with no luck. Is there anyway you could do that?

  162. Karis

    I was wondering if you can do a Sword Art Online featuring Suguha:

    I don’t wanna spoil it too much, but lets just say that this doujin is a troll.

  163. shubhenduanupam

    Can you please translate Mama Kui!
    Here is a link where you can download

  164. Anonymous

    Would be epic if you could do this one, there’s hardly any Hellsing ones out there

  165. Bob

    MiX XiM

    Plz do this is real nice 😀
    Ima real vocaloid fan
    Has a funny part too 😀

  166. Guest

    Could you please translate this Danganronpa doujin?
    Name: Zetsubou Locker Room
    Artist: Taira Kosaka

  167. Wesley Nichols

    I have seen some of your english scanlations on and think you are quite good. I have been trying to follow the story line in chapters three through five (pages 53 through 117) Ero Mame by Eda Mame, but there are no english scanlations for it. I was wondering if you would be willing to translate the story line, which can be found here


    thank you

  168. Nanao

    Would love to see Studio Mizuyokan’s “Heartcatch Mirage”.

  169. Anonymous

    hey any chance you could consider doing third chapter of courtship vector?

  170. Anonymous

    [Uehara Ryou, Jin] Tachibana-san-chi no Dansei Jijou,m pls pls pls

  171. Inv Ika

    Are you interested in Niku Ringo? if the price is not too high, i might pay for it

  172. Anonymous

    Are you going to do the second half of Love Shizuku by Neet? (Comic ExE 06)

  173. Zhorachu

    Are this site still active? If not, where is he now?

  174. Hinata


    First of all thnx for all translate that you did , can you take a look at namidame works its nice and I wish if you could translate it , thnx again .

  175. Dracongard

    Alan Smithee came back and the new one is just as good as ever.

    [alansmithee] Sexless Kaishouyaku

  176. Anonymous

    can you translate the other works of kurotama?

  177. Draco

    Hey Darknight could you please translate this

  178. Hazza Smith

    Im not too sure how you’d like this one it’s one I personally like and would love to see properly translated (I tried but I’m super bad).

  179. Danni Mchart

    I forgot to put the link I think so here:

    • Danni Mchart

      I am Hazza smith I kinda forgot my friends changed my name

  180. Poriya

    Prison Battleship Anthology 3
    Artist : Kusunoki Rin
    It is based on Lilith fame on same name

  181. yodeebo

    TS Ikusa Megami Cecil
    This includes the raw images and based on the game Ikusa Megami Zero
    I am even willing to pay/donate

  182. Komnenos
    [Ginjou Maggots (Kurotama)] Muchimuchi Sangoku Musume Hatsujouchuu! (Shin Sangoku Musou) [Digital]
    lots of hella thicc girls, really any more of Ginjou Maggots would be nice

  183. Dedd

    Is this forum Still in use?

    Let. Me know plx via e-mail

  184. Al

    can u translate this doujin from Runa circle

    thank you

  185. Anonymous

    Kantai Collection Takao Hen Kai
    Artist: Tanenashi Kuribo

  186. Ash

    Looks like a really good succubus/corruption story. Might be something you’d be interested in?

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