[Shunjou Shuusuke] Sentiment #3 [ENG]

Posted On May 8, 2013

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Just one more chapter. I’ll see about doing a re-edited release of the full thing with the tank scans.

7 Responses to “[Shunjou Shuusuke] Sentiment #3 [ENG]”

  1. Ehud

    Awesome. Many thanx Darknight. Great post.

  2. Ecchifan

    Thank you Darknight.

  3. Oliver (@hentairules)

    Hello Dark Knight, thank you so much for the new Shunjou Shuusuke !
    Usually I read first and thank later, but with this artist, and knowing your past flow of releases, I’m fully confident, I can thank you first thing ^^

  4. SerialRapist

    Thx for the release. Love your stuff.

  5. Anonymous

    May I ask how many chapters are left to conclude the story?

  6. Anonymous

    Good night, sweet prince.

  7. Anonymous

    Thank you Darknight.
    no next chapter? You don’t translate more

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