[Kazuhiro] ERROR (COMIC Tenma 2012-04) [ENG]

Posted On October 16, 2012

Filed under Group, Manga, Mind break, One-shot, School

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Slight wrinkle on Kazuhiro’s regular material. Think I’ll do that non-NTR carn short next.

3 Responses to “[Kazuhiro] ERROR (COMIC Tenma 2012-04) [ENG]”

  1. anon

    >non-NTR carn

    I had totally forgotten such a thing existed.

    • Anony

      Be careful, Carn might make an NTR-sequel like he did with Call Me A Bitch (and years later in another tank, too).

  2. baka-man

    Anony> Well, with that kind of title, it was obvious that Carn would have released an NTR story for the sequel,…

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