[Studio Mizuyokan] SMILE PARTY (Smile Precure!) [ENG]



so yeah, let me know when digital version of SMILE PARTY HYPER! gets posted and I’ll translate that one too.

12 Responses to “[Studio Mizuyokan] SMILE PARTY (Smile Precure!) [ENG]”

  1. Errata

    Just wondering, what’s the difference between the normal and digital versions that you want the digital? Resolution? DPI?

    • Afro Thunda

      The difference is that the digital version comes with clean images which makes typesetting a million times easier.

      • Anony

        Very very few come with cleans, but this is one of them. What they DO come with is extra-heavy censoring, especially from DLsite. So, don’t use digital versions if you don’t have to. There’s no scanned copy of SMILE PARTY so this one’s okay, but don’t turn your nose up at a perfectly good scan of SMILE PARTY HYPER just because you are lazy.

        Point: Digital ver. over-censoring looks like shit; avoid unless absolutely necessary.

      • Anonymous

        you’re seriously going to tell him to not be lazy even though he’s the one who’s making the effort to get it translated? ungrateful.

  2. Anonymous

    great stuff
    i might be slow on the take, but it feels like the artist is recycling poses
    some of these almost feel like copy/pastes with some hair changes from previous works

  3. Jacob

    I miss you Darknight! Keep up the good work

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