[Yuzuki N Dash] Ane Koi Ch 4 [ENG]

Posted On June 24, 2012

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final chapter and cake is next.

9 Responses to “[Yuzuki N Dash] Ane Koi Ch 4 [ENG]”

  1. MTSP

    Thank you for scanlating this series!

  2. BloodFX

    Thank you very much! Will this series be translated to the end? as there still is a “to be continued…”! i’m curious as to how it’ll end! =3

    • BloodFX

      Sorry, didn’t read the caption under the links! my apologies!

  3. Anonymous

    you lie about cake

  4. Ehud

    Awesome. Many thanx Darknight. Are you sure it’s the last chp? It ends with “to be continued”.

  5. Dexter

    Simply Great !

  6. Anonymous

    On myanimelist say 11 chapters

    • Corrections and inquiries

      1) Ew. Who wrote that synopsis? All three of the girls are his older sisters and are related by blood, not just Mao. If you want to get technical, Asami is his cousin, but she’s older and was adopted into the family, so it still counts.

      2) I’m looking at the tank right now and the Ane Koi storyline ends in 4 chapters. The rest are unrelated stories, but they do look pretty promising. I don’t know Moonspeak, so I can’t read them sadly :'(.

      Darknight, will you be making an attempt at the whole tank or just stopping at the main story?

  7. Palaxius

    Yeah, came here to thank you for the translation and to echo people begging for the entire book to be translated. If you abandon us there’s no one left. Take your time but please, please don’t drop this.

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