[Alemateorema] GARIGARI 38 (Fate) [ENG]

Posted On March 11, 2012

Filed under Doujin, Fantasy, Fate/stay night

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Saber-san, Total Respect, yo.

Carnival Phantasm yields more unexpected fruit, never thought I’d see another Saber Alter doujin, ever.  Thanks to Hobbitmon for the scan, hopefully someone will scan the sequel GG41 in the future too.

3 Responses to “[Alemateorema] GARIGARI 38 (Fate) [ENG]”

  1. Afro Thunda

    Been waiting for this one, and Black Saber too? Definitely made of awesome. Thanks a lot, Darknight.

  2. HurdyHurr

    I. LOVE. YOU. GUYS. SO. MUCH <3<3<3
    I've been waiting for this doujin for ages~ And I'm much more happier that it's translated! I can't wait for GG41~ Please do translate other Saber Alter doujins that haven't been translated yet. Once again, thank you very much for this release!

  3. Ehud

    Great post. Many thanx Darknight.

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