[Yuzuki N Dash] Sis Love Ch 1 [ENG]

Posted On February 7, 2012

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picking this up, 5 chapters.  Surprisingly happy for a Yuzuki N Dash scenario.

16 Responses to “[Yuzuki N Dash] Sis Love Ch 1 [ENG]”

  1. natsaM htew'dleveR


  2. baka-man

    you rock, man !Thanks !^^

  3. Buster Boy

    Thank you for this release, looks awesome

  4. AsianLOL

    oo thanks
    I actually was interested in this series since I saw it as one of the first hentai under the harem category..

  5. Daremo

    Happy you say? I was a bit trepidatious seeing the name Yuzuki N Dash, but I’ll check it out.

    Thank you for all your hard work.

  6. Diarek

    I am of the same train of though as Daremo above. Especially after that MTSP’s Tachibana work, no god damn way i ever read those supposedly happy sex story the same again, especially from names like Yuzuki N Dash

  7. Ehud

    Many thanx Darknight. I’ll second the comments above mine. You should be suspicious (very suspicious) when it comes to Yuzuki N Dash and happy sex.

  8. Ramon

    It’s 100 percent happy sex, no NTR here!
    Thank god.

    (Have checked the raws btw)

  9. amagi

    where did you get the raw would like to read them

  10. Oliver

    3 women, a boy… Will it end the MTSP way ?

    I demand a fucked up ending, come on Dark Knight, this is Yuzuki N Dash !

    Or then, don’t tell us, and turn it into a rewrite, how about it ? Mindbreak psycho netorare !


    Thank you very much, Dark Knight, happy vanilla hentai, by such a talented artist, and when this was not expected, this is BRILLIANT ! 🙂

  11. hoccus

    Thank you Darknight for this rare non-ntr release from this artist.

  12. rahm

    Thank you 🙂 !!

  13. luffy45

    really no ntr until end of the chapter? I don`t want see that to be happen!!!

    • Ramon

      There is no NTR in here, I hate NTR so believe me.
      I wouldn’t be reading it if there was!

  14. Lighty

    Its sad that Yuzuki had been doing more rape and ntr works lately. Especially compared to their much nicer earlier works

    • baka-man

      Well, Yuzuki N Dash released this work and Sister Control (with “rape” and “mind break stuff”) at the same year, in 2011. Perhaps her (yes, she is indeed a woman) hate for women had been appeased ?

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