[Ooshima Ryou] In-Maniac (Megastore 2011-12) [ENG]

Posted On February 1, 2012

Filed under Group, Manga, One-shot, Ooshima Ryou

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Interesting mix, demon girls and twins. (kinda)

Hope Ooshima will do another extended story soon.


6 Responses to “[Ooshima Ryou] In-Maniac (Megastore 2011-12) [ENG]”

  1. AsianLOL

    I love me som Ooshima Ryou. Thanks for this

  2. hoccus

    Oh, very sexy and hot, usually I get put off by succubis from their point ears. Thank you Darknight for this release.

  3. Ehud

    Great post. Many thanx Darknight.

  4. Oliver

    Sweet, thanks a lot, D K ! 🙂

    If I may add a free troll, about the “wet noodles”, that succubus girl should have moved to a western country, for free abundant meals *cough*

    • Anonymous

      I’m surprised that she couldn’t find enough meals in Japan given the number of NEETs and hikkis.

      She wouldn’t even need to go very far for a good source of meals: China.

      • Oliver

        The trouble would have been to FIND the neets and hikkis, since they don’t leave home 😉

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