[Alan Smithee] My Lonely Never Ending Game of Hide and Seek [ENG]

Posted On January 25, 2012

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Ghosts kinda remind me of something out of P&SwG.

Took forever to edit, but it’s full color, so why not?  Also Megaupload is dead, so only one download link for now.

13 Responses to “[Alan Smithee] My Lonely Never Ending Game of Hide and Seek [ENG]”

  1. Anonymous

    Hitorikakurenbo is actually a supernatural ritual where you play hide n seek with a ghost. I can’t really be arsed to explain it fully at the moment but it involves giving a doll filled with rice and a strand of your hair a knife and then telling it “You’re it” and going to hide, peeking out from a small crack and observing the strange things that happen. Bad Things reportedly happen if you’re found.

    The girl here tried it because she didn’t believe in ghosts and got fucked for her troubles.

  2. RoflCat

    Cool ‘w ‘ saw this a while back. Thanks for the translation.

  3. Ehud

    Strange game. Many thanx Darknight.

  4. JukanX

    Thanks for the hard work Darknight. Much appreciated.

  5. JakX

    love the work. is that a eroge?

  6. TheStrangeOne

    Is there a game that goes with this, or is it just a string of pictures?

  7. John Conner

    quite honestly if they could make an hentai out of this. I would watch it.

  8. H for Ecchi

    In some twisted way the scenario is really hot imo

    anyways thanks for the work!

  9. icha

    thanks this was really hot. E:

  10. Torma

    Easily one of my favorite little doujins ever, and in full color. Thanks for making the translations, dude!

  11. Eh

    This was absolutely amazing, thanks so much

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