[Asanagi (Fatalpulse)] Girls in the Frame (Comic Megamilk Vol.17) v2 [ENG]

Posted On January 15, 2012

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fixed some typos:



Is he possessed by a demon?  Is that what it is?

This is the first and quite possibly only non-pitch black depressing Fatalpulse story ever.  Still, would be interesting if he continues in this vein.

8 Responses to “[Asanagi (Fatalpulse)] Girls in the Frame (Comic Megamilk Vol.17) v2 [ENG]”

  1. RoflCat

    FatalPulse without depressing stuffs? What is this madness?


    • phoenix7240

      same madness and *click* now to see

  2. a1andrew

    rare beyond rare

  3. phoenix7240

    wow he realy has tallent for non depressing mind-break to. honestly i wish for a few more of these.

  4. Ehud

    Really surprising but awesome. Many thanx Darknight.

  5. crack

    pls ask the athor to continue this manga

  6. fritte131

    A Fatalpulse that doesnt leave you with bad concious after reading and enjoying. =D Such madness!
    But I really would like too see the author continue with more like this one.
    Nice find and translation.

  7. psicomenace

    Wow, this is a completly new Fatalpulse for me :O

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