[FukaFuka Tenshoku (Popuran)] Valkyria no Seikan (Valkyria Chronicles 3) [ENG]

Posted On September 25, 2011

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Soldier.  Commander.  Valkyrur Harem Magnet.

Fixed some of the errors in those other translations.  Hope someone decides to localize the actual game someday.

7 Responses to “[FukaFuka Tenshoku (Popuran)] Valkyria no Seikan (Valkyria Chronicles 3) [ENG]”

  1. Ehud

    Great post. Many thanx.

  2. hoccus

    Awesome, Valkyria doujin!!!, thank you Darknight a whole bunch.

  3. Requiem

    Thank you Darknight for this doujin, I love Selvaria Bles and I love Popuran’s style °¬° ❤

    Btw, does anyone knows something about this Popuran's work?: http://doujinshi.mugimugi.org/book/329787/Mizugi-no-Valkyria/

    I've search a lot for it, but i couldn't find anything so far D: (the cover looks awesome °¬°)

  4. kn09

    I too, hope that someday it’ll be localized.
    Out of the 3 games, I like the 3rd one the most, both in terms of story/plot and gameplay.
    well, the 3rd one, of course has refined any flaw in previous games.
    I played valkyria3 first till the end, and when I decided to play 1st and 2nd, I got annoyed by little differences in gameplay features 😛
    (in 3rd, the lancers was as accurate as a friggin’ sniper by the end. in 1st? let’s just say that they need to be ‘really’, really up close to try to hit the weak point). oops too much rant.
    anyway, thanks a lot for translating this one. any other ones from fuka2 tenshoku will be greatly anticipated.
    wait I haven’t read this one yet, dl-ing… is this about selvaria? I’d rather have dem 2 main heroines in the game… selvaria is okay too, though….

    • kn09

      and then, I get Riela with Imca, AND Selvaria…
      “why choose one heroine? there’s the harem route, right?” 😀
      while it seemed a little weird at first, seeing selvaria in this kind of plot,
      Fuka’s artwork, and the “scene” itself is,,, well, amazing enough to put aside any doubts I had at first…
      Ever since that Cecilia (from Infinite Stratos) doujin from Fuka, he’s been one of my current favorite…
      More, please,,,, and thanks a lot again

  5. chadbrians

    Has someone been reporting all your old links? It seems like most, if not all of them are dead, both Mediafire and Megaupload.

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