[Sanagi Torajirou] Let’s Play 3 (Asobare Dear S Friend Ch 4) [ENG]




Didn’t like the last chapter? Don’t look at the first 4 pages.

8 Responses to “[Sanagi Torajirou] Let’s Play 3 (Asobare Dear S Friend Ch 4) [ENG]”

  1. Anonymous

    Tsukino Jyogi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> this.

  2. madara-taka2

    I agree with the anon above me.Though I’m thank you I wanted see that hot fucking nurse getting fucked.I’d fuck all hell women if I was getting ntr’d goes without saying dude.

  3. John Conner

    agreed with ya’ll and after this chapter. This let’s play 3 series is officially on my black listed and banned from my archive. I wont even keep the good chapters.

  4. Anonymous

    Tsukino Jyogi? Pfffffft. Shit drawing.

    And who cares u gonna archive it or not fag, stfu and stop being so butthurt all the time.

    Btw thanks.

    • Anonymous

      No, we are not going to shut up.

      Also, please note that WE are being polite compared to YOU.

  5. bob

    Well that was nice. Sort of like reverse NTR or something.

    • Anonymous

      What? No it isn’t!

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