[Sanagi Torajirou] Let’s Play 2 (Asobare Dear S Friend Ch 3) [ENG]

16 Responses to “[Sanagi Torajirou] Let’s Play 2 (Asobare Dear S Friend Ch 3) [ENG]”

  1. Nonanon

    Thanks! 😀 you are awesome!

  2. John Conner

    well. that was horrible as hell. wish I had read your description earlier 😛

  3. Syl

    this chapter ruins the story :/

  4. Anonymous

    Still makes the story shit.

    Also, FAT OLD MAN = FAIL!

  5. Anonymous

    So you chose to translate this piece of shit over Tsukino Jyogi’s After School series? What the fuck?

    • John Conner

      its up to the TL what they tl first. Maybe ntr is a preference over hot Tsukino Jyouji action?

      • darknight001

        Turned into same old Tsukino plot. Censorship was extreme. Sorry, not interested in the rest.

  6. Ehud

    Many thanx Darknight.

  7. JukanX

    I have yet to read this chapter, but given the number of butthurt reactions I’ll have to bump it up in my queue… This must be good stuff 😉
    Thanks for the release Darknight.

    • Anonymous

      Damn…didn’t know you were one of those douches who acts like that…

      • Anonymous

        ^butthurt. U rage u lose newbies.

        Btw, thanks

      • Anonymous

        Rage shows that I am a human being, as opposed to a fucktard like yourself.

  8. AsianLOL

    How many chapters does it last out of the remaining ones? I despise ntr but I like the art so aijshdjgflkadjgfksdulsh

  9. bob

    Wow, with these violent reactions you’d think they were forced to read it or something lol.

    • Anonymous

      butthurts gonna butthurts

      • Anonymous

        Fucktards gonna fucktard.

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