[Dagashi] Before My Eyes [ENG]

Posted On July 21, 2011

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Epic chiaroscuro shading action!

Maybe not. Anyway, here’s the first magazine one-shot from an artist who’s only done some doujin up till now. Definitely seems to be channeling a bit of ShindoL here.

4 Responses to “[Dagashi] Before My Eyes [ENG]”

  1. Besbin

    The art style look really promising. Even thought the Chiaroscuro shading does make it hard to follow the actions sometime (especially with such heavy censor). Thank you for translating.

  2. Ehud

    Lovely story and nice drawings (too dark perhaps). Seems like a talented mangaka. Many thanx Darknight.

  3. Zathael

    So that dark shading was *on purpose*? Why??? It made the whole story look like crap! I mean, thank you very much for the translation Darknight, the story was good, and what I could see of the artwork was well done, but the shading made the whole thing almost unreadable. I felt like I was wearing very dark sunglasses or trying to read by candlelight or something.

    Is this chiaroscuro shading some sort of “classic art style” that the author was using? I almost get the impression that there should be some art snob somewhere sipping from a wineglass saying “Ahh yes, chiaroscuro shading. Only a handful of artists have ever been able to master this technique.” *sip*

  4. Sinophile

    Any more from this guy? Also I loved the shading.

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