[Amatake Akewo] I Don’t Wanna Fawn Over Anyone But You [ENG]

Posted On July 18, 2011

Filed under Amagi Michihito, Group, Happy, Manga, Series

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Horray for Feldt clones with reverse harems!

And that’s it. ┬áDefinitely found this to be the most amusing of the chapters, funny how so few reverse harem scenarios exist.

6 Responses to “[Amatake Akewo] I Don’t Wanna Fawn Over Anyone But You [ENG]”

  1. JukanX

    I always find it amusing how, in the exact same scenario, girls join in blurting “I won’t lose” whereas boys at most fap while crying…

  2. connerity

    gallery links to nympho love again

  3. hoccus

    Reverse scenario is always a nice change of pace, many thanks to you Darknight of translating these chapters.

  4. Ehud

    Awesome. Many thanx Darknight for this lovely story.

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  6. anon156

    Any chance of a reup? Or a torrent?

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