[UDON-YA (Kizuki Aruchu)] Monhan no Erohon 10 (Monster Hunter) [ENG]

Posted On January 18, 2011

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Giant Cat Heads!

For a 40 page book, there was surprisingly little to translate.  So yeah, liked 9 better, but Udon-ya’s art is still great.

7 Responses to “[UDON-YA (Kizuki Aruchu)] Monhan no Erohon 10 (Monster Hunter) [ENG]”

  1. Zathael

    WooHoo! Thanks a *lot* for this one Darknight. Udon-ya’s artwork is awesome as always, and the translation makes this even better.

  2. Toripuri715517

    Thanks a lot, there is never enough Kizuki Aruchu!

  3. Ehud

    Excellent post. Many thanx Darknight.

  4. Oliver

    Thank you very much, DK ! 🙂
    Udon-Ya’s drawing are among the best there is, it’s really great to read 🙂

    I’d like to ask something, though…

    I have received a few minutes ago an email to tell me Raikoh, from Doujin-Moe, commissioned this volume. Without a download link -_-

    I’m a bit puzzled, if I may ask, please, did Raikoh commission you, or has he commissioned someone else for it, only to be ninja’ed by you releasing it faster ?

  5. sein

    are you going to translate the 11th?

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