[Studio Mizuyokan] TWIN SLAVE (HeartCatch Precure) [ENG]




exact same story.  every single time.

Oh, and if someone uploads the DL version, I’ll translate the c79 Cure Moonlight one too

9 Responses to “[Studio Mizuyokan] TWIN SLAVE (HeartCatch Precure) [ENG]”

  1. Guy

    The C79 Cure Moonlight isn’t on DLsite yet as far as I can see. The current scan of it that just came out is pretty good though.

  2. Ehud

    Yep, always the same story. Do pretty cures ever do something except being raped again and again and again?
    Many thanx Darknight.

  3. Nashrakh

    Hey man,

    just dropping by that this had me drop my jaw, man.

    Doing this kind of stuff is nothing short of MADNESS and SUICIDE, so you deserve your props. Never thought this would get done because the editing job is so damn ridiculous… though now that I look at it a bit closer, that wide stroke came in pretty handy, haha.

    By the way, are you gonna do that C79 Udon-Ya monster hunter doujin like last time?

  4. JukanX

    Thanks a lot for the release, all that floating text must have been hard work.

  5. Sugoi

    …Applause is necessary. No no actually,at this point it’s REQUIRED. You deserve a gold medal. This thing has such a scary amount of text packed in each page it could be mistaken for a Visual Novel. And you want go ahead and do the next release from this group? Son…


    Definitely gonna kick and give this a good read.

  6. Mindflayer

    Thank you.

  7. jesuse cunnus

    wow ths is awesome with the translat workk

    THANXX you Darknight !!

  8. jesuse cunnus

    sorry if am doing bad claim but can you translate these dojin ?
    [Parupunte(Takushi Fukada)] F-69 (Heart Catch Precure!)(C79)

    [parupunte f-68 fukada takushi]

    thanx you!!
    I know how is hard translate japanese,
    and that we should not ask but there appears no one people for translate these nice dojinshi.

    if only I knew this japanese language :/

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