[Coelacanth] Heat Island (Funky Glamourous Ch 2)

Posted On December 5, 2010

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probably shoulda locked that door…

Another Glasses Girl -> Something Else scenario,  though this is less comedy than Change and more cute.

8 Responses to “[Coelacanth] Heat Island (Funky Glamourous Ch 2)”

  1. abcdefgi

    thanks a alot , Coelacanth’s manga is great … i wonder if it is transalted complete

  2. Soge

    ^Not yet. Dark, are you thinking or doing the rest of Funky Glam? *crosses fingers*

  3. widowchaser

    Thanks for this one Darknight- this kind of story is just delicious. Again, thanks for the excellent work.

  4. Ehud

    So romantic. Many thanx Darknight. Great post.

  5. kn09

    thanks a lot for this one, darknight,,,
    hope you are thinking of doing the rest of the book,, 😀

  6. kn09

    and a door that’s not locked while “something” is going on in the room… well,, that’s just how it goes, (almost) always,,, 😀

  7. ral

    did you do chapter one?
    i know it’s strange to ask after you realse chapter 2, but i just can’t find it.

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