Posted On December 5, 2010

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Exploding hair caps!

Probably the only book I liked in this series.  Since Red Vodka+Pagan did 2+3, figured I’d translate this and complete the set.  (First one isn’t translated, but it’s more of an artbook than a full-blown story.)

5 Responses to “[BUFFALOW PROPAGANDA] MAI DOG LOVE 4 (Original) [ENG]”

  1. Ehud

    Nice one. Many thanx Darknight.

  2. anon

    Boom, headshot. He has other stuff to do though.

  3. kn09

    wow,,, just wow…
    this one’s really (I mean, really) great… 😀
    thanks a LOT, darknight, for this one.
    this chapter strikes the right balance with good intensity (or whatever you may call it) in the spanking, ahegao and teasing
    yet no forced ra3p or anything like it (hates them >_>, really)
    checked chap 2, ugly old man + ra3p, meh… 😛
    chapter 3 is somewhere in between, though

  4. Jdark

    Really thanks for this one the best of the Mai dog Love

  5. Anonymous

    Doujin moe has your TL up on the member’s section. Dunno if you already know, but just in case.

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