[Tuna Empire] Family Circumstances Event Chapter [ENG]

Posted On November 30, 2010

Filed under Doujin, Group, Manga, Series

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Should I have changed the name to Asuka instead of Yayoi?

Don’t particularly like Family Circumstances, but I do enjoy cosplay set-ups, so what the hey.

4 Responses to “[Tuna Empire] Family Circumstances Event Chapter [ENG]”

  1. Levatine

    For a moment there, at the last page, I thought the cellphone that guy was holding was an oddly shaped member of his.

  2. Ehud

    Nice one. Many thanx Darknight. Is it just a chp from a volume?

    • darknight001

      no, it’s a sequel to a collected series he did years ago. This chapter hasn’t been collected.

      • Ehud

        Thanx Darknight.

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