[Studio Mizuyokan] SEPASA (Fresh Precure) [ENG]




Kamen Rider W reference, don’t see that very often.

Hopefully someone will post the DL versions of this artist’s other works, they’d be a nightmare to clean otherwise.  And yes Mizuyokan has been doing the exact same doujin for years now, but hey, full color makes up for a lot.

8 Responses to “[Studio Mizuyokan] SEPASA (Fresh Precure) [ENG]”

  1. Mindflayer

    Thank you very much, I would love to see more of the exact same doujin.

  2. Ehud

    Yep, exactly the same. No doubt so much text means a lot of work for you.
    Many thanx Darknight.

  3. Fan

    Will you be translating his Heartcatch doujin? The DL version was posted a while ago…


    • darknight001

      maybe. doesn’t have clean versions for all the pages.

      • Fan

        The version posted in g.e-hentai is incomplete, but there is a full version out there in Share. I guess I’ll have to upload it myself, since there are no normal downloads around…

      • Fan

        Looks I was wrong, even the full version is incomplete. It’s still better than the g.e-hentai version, though. Here you go:


  4. nwt

    Any news on that second Hitagiri chapter?

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