[UDON-YA] Monhan no Erohon 9 (Monster Hunter) [ENG]

Posted On September 23, 2010

Filed under Doujin, Fantasy, UDON-YA

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Long doujin is looong.

Sequel to Monhan no Erohon 4 (and Udonko Vol 6).   Heel face turn plot isn’t that interesting, but god has Udon-ya’s art gotten good in the last  few years.

14 Responses to “[UDON-YA] Monhan no Erohon 9 (Monster Hunter) [ENG]”

  1. semtex

    thank you for your hard work on this!

  2. Devil Jin

    You my good sir are AWESOME a LEYEND AMONGS LEYENDS…

    Thanks for translating this, now i can finally fap to ir properly…if such thing exist XD.

  3. Dot

    Thanks so much! Been waiting for this! =]

  4. Tiamat


    thank youuuu

  5. Oh boy

    Fuck yesssssssss

  6. yasulong

    I argee, looking back at Monhan2 dos and now, you really can see how much his art improved. And this one is a good read since finally a Monhan contain less raep than happy sex is a nice change of pace.

  7. Ehud

    Excellent post. Many thanx Darknight for your hard work. You are spoiling us.

  8. Pram the Oracle

    Is it weird that i went D’awwwww while reading the story?

  9. Oliver

    Jebus, just Jebus ! 😯

    Thank you, thank you SO MUCH, Dark Knight ! ^_^

    And the picture resolution, rha, yay ! And the scenario !
    Udon-Ya sincerely rocks hard 😀

  10. Tsurupettan Loev

    Long but totally awesome all throughout.

  11. gt

    thanks a lot for this. his art is fantastic and i don’t even play monsta hoonta. the cover is crazy good.

  12. Kyzel

    Thank you very much for all that you do!

  13. Truyen nguoi lon

    Thank you for the super solution

  14. Lunaris

    Wow, this is really awesome.
    Thanks a lot!

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