[Hitagiri] Cat and Mouse Tangle [ENG]

Posted On September 5, 2010

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Alright, Hitagiri started an ongoing!

scan’s low quality, I upped the resolution a bit to make text easier to read.  Will sub in higher scans when they become available.

8 Responses to “[Hitagiri] Cat and Mouse Tangle [ENG]”

  1. anon

    You need to stop being so awesome. Seriously.

  2. Wall

    Haha, this is great

  3. Ehud

    Great post. Many thanx Darknight. Hope you’ll do the next chp.

  4. ponti_erik

    Love fighting women stories. So much fun to read. Thanks for the translation.

  5. Webbmaster62

    They need to rename it as ongoing on baka-updates lol. I can’t wait for more of this story! Thanks Darknight!

  6. kama

    awesome work. I’m looking forward to more of this series…. I wonder if one of them turns into a panda?

  7. Oliver

    Awesome, I love stories like that, funny and hardcore, thanks Dark Knight 😀

    @ Kama : seeing the face of the guys in the dojo, it would rather be Hokuto No Ken, not Ranma ! Or, seeing the face of the real dojo master, Ryouzanpaku…

  8. nwt

    Thanks a lot Darknight, both art and story of this one appear really great.

    Also, the second chapter is out:
    Some really nice anal :))

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