[Hirohito Tokie] Courtship Vector Ch 1 [ENG]

Posted On August 6, 2010

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Kinda Mitsuru there.

Unclear if Tokie will ever finish this series, but thought what was done so far was fairly fun.

10 Responses to “[Hirohito Tokie] Courtship Vector Ch 1 [ENG]”

  1. pz

    i only found 2 ch and no more works from this author(manga+doujinshi)
    (maybe something happen XD)

  2. pz

    ahh my bad just found something new about this author work on
    megastore 2010-06 lol

  3. Zathael

    Many thanks Darknight.

  4. Rbz

    Wow, I remember having this RAW a long fucking time ago. That’s some nostalgia right there.

    Thank, bro.

  5. Ehud

    Many thanx Darknight.

  6. 3333h

    Oh damn…another excellent choice by you darknight. Really thanks.

    Someone could tell me how many chapt. are available in RAW of this series ?

  7. More Milf

    Hey darknight thanks man everything that tokie draws is just great…i hope you will translate the other chapters of this series even though i dont know how many…thank…more milf…lol

  8. mainman

    Great work darknight. Does anyone here know where to download the raws for the other 2 chapters?

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