[Yurikawa] This Arcade has a Ban on Love (Comic HOTMILK 2010-08) [ENG]

Posted On July 24, 2010

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fixed: http://www.mediafire.com/?9ify9rtsiwm2239

Trap x Reverse Trap, Yurikawa’s certainly got interesting tastes.

Noticed this while picking up raws for the next chapter of Afterschool, and couldn’t pass up the chance to do a one shot in such a relatively rare sub genre.

9 Responses to “[Yurikawa] This Arcade has a Ban on Love (Comic HOTMILK 2010-08) [ENG]”

  1. Zathael

    Many thanks Darknight

  2. Mindflayer

    Thank you!

  3. Ehud

    Great post. Many thanx Darknight.

  4. 3333h

    Another great oneshot darknight…your taste in choice of good manga is superlative^^
    Many thanks.

    (and the robo-owner of the arcade is totally win^^)

  5. Keiichi


  6. Kurono

    wow, Yurikawa certanily are a good taste, I never ever saw a trap & a reverse trap in the same history. Thanks DarkKnight

  7. nukie

    the MF link is dead

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