[Kouchaya] Me and Nagato. (Haruhi) [ENG]

Posted On June 27, 2010

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fixed: http://www.mediafire.com/?hq3563aphcjiouh

re-translation never hurts every now and then.

9 Responses to “[Kouchaya] Me and Nagato. (Haruhi) [ENG]”

  1. as363

    Thanks for the re-trsnslation – much enjoyed . Still like the way you pick items for your site – they are all good .

  2. Ehud

    Many thanx Darknight. Is there much difference?

    • darknight001

      took a quick look, other translation got Nagato’s techno babble sections wrong. Sure there are other large differences.

      • Ehud

        I just dl and read it. Excellent post. I didn’t compare it to the previous translation though.
        Many thanx Darknight.

  3. Yuki

    Thank you very much!

  4. Zathael

    Many thanks for redoing this one. I don’t want to rip on the original translator too much, but he has sort of a reputation for his, um, rather “unique” translations. There are a couple things he has done where I have actually considered paying someone else to redo them. Anyways, thanks again Darknight for this one.

  5. Yuki

    Thank you very much for this re-translation. ^^

  6. Anonymous

    dl link is dead.. up again??

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