[Tsukino Jyogi] Afterschool (Hotmilk 2010-06) [ENG]

Posted On June 19, 2010

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ugh, censorship.

still, looks like this is going to be silly.

13 Responses to “[Tsukino Jyogi] Afterschool (Hotmilk 2010-06) [ENG]”

  1. dsid

    cool tanx

  2. Anonymous

    The only thing silly is the size of that kid’s dick. Thanks though.

  3. wilson191

    I just hope it won’t turn out to be “everyone can fuck me” type of thing…
    Tsukino’s guy always had amazing sizes…lol

  4. Ehud

    Many thanx Darknight. You are absolutely right – it’s definitely silly.

  5. JukanX

    Thanks for the release; perhaps there won’t be as much censoring in the tank edition…

  6. Zathael

    Wow, a Tsukino Jyogi story where the woman doesn’t turn into a mind-broken slave to the young guy’s penis? That’s actually quite rare. Thanks a lot Darknight.

  7. Dude

    Does this mean you’re done with Muchiero?

  8. dizzle83

    Thanks, DK. Censorship is ass, but Tsukino Jyogi is good enough to shine through.

    @Zathael I dunno, I’m not much of a fan of mind-break, but I don’t get that vibe from TJs stuff. More just lust-crazed. The difference may be subtle, but it’s important.

  9. Robber Baron

    When is the next chapter suppose to come out?

    • Robber Baron

      Did you know the next chapter has been released in comic hotmilk 2010-08?

  10. Robber Baron

    Seems like someone uploaded the untranslated version.


  11. Mr. Keik

    Links are Broken for DLs …

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