[Hitagiri] Turnabout Four Eyes (Megastore 2009-12) [ENG]

Posted On May 26, 2010

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Not the best translation of gyakuten, but I’ve played too much Phoenix Wright to care.

Interested to see what Hitagiri will do in the future.

13 Responses to “[Hitagiri] Turnabout Four Eyes (Megastore 2009-12) [ENG]”

  1. Reni

    Hm…the facial expressions in this remind me of TAKEDA Hiromitsu’s work. Looking forward to his future work

  2. Zathael

    Thanks for the new translation.

  3. 3333h

    Really awesome author, good choice as always Darknight. Thanks^^

  4. Ehud

    You have an excellent taste Darknight. Many thanx for this great post.

  5. Oliver

    Thanks a lot, Dark Knight 🙂

    A little correction, the girl shouts WRONIG in the first page 😆

    • darknight001

      Supposed to be WRON-G.

      Guess I’ll stick to ~ for vertical type in the future.

      • Oliver

        Oh, my bad, I didn’t understand ^^;;

        Sorry for the mistake, DK 🙂

  6. 3333h

    Ehi Darknight, sorry for the request, info about the last/credit page ?

  7. as363

    Many thanks for this – very neat story – enjoyed .

  8. Ashf

    Had hoped someone would scanlate this ever since I say the raws, thanks!

  9. Grant

    To be honest it’s a bit clichéd. Phrases like ‘kissing my womb’ or ‘bitch in heat’ are overused. Please note that my criticism isn’t at the translator, simply that I wonder how many ero mangakas have actually had sex.

  10. Kino

    Actually Hitagiri has a more recent story in the Megastore 2010-04 edition.


    And doujin-moe has a translation of another one of his stories over at their site. Dunno which magazine its from though.

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