[JACK-POT] LIGHTNING (Final Fantasy 13) [ENG]

Posted On May 12, 2010

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FINALLY, a happy scenario featuring pink haired Ryougi.

9 Responses to “[JACK-POT] LIGHTNING (Final Fantasy 13) [ENG]”

  1. Zathael

    Many thanks Darknight.

  2. as363

    Thanks for the new post – much appreciated .

  3. Ehud

    Nice story. Many thanx.

  4. AnonMan

    I know what you mean about a happy scenario…all of the doujin’s I’ve seen except for this one are all gangrape.

    Much thanks.

  5. Yuki

    it’s the first FF13 soft doujin.
    And now it’s translated, big thanks Darknight. ^^

  6. kn09

    thanks a LOT fr this one, Darknight…
    I haven’t played the game yet. But planning to do so, in my free times, maybe, or maybe never…
    It is always good reading a “happy scenario” doujin. been wanting to read an FF XIII doujin for a while but I always found rape stuff, so, well, you know…
    I’d never regret always checking on your site each day for an update 🙂
    keep up the good work

  7. Falbert

    Happy scenarios are nice, except that i just happen not to like this pairing too much 😦

  8. darknight

    Awesome, thanks guys. Light x hope is love.

  9. Dani Almeida

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