[Tosh] Maid & Master & #2-chan (Complete) [ENG]

Posted On May 8, 2010

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Just part 3:


It’s a perfect circle…

Turns out it was actually Blond Tsundere Masochist vs. Magical Black Haired Non-Tsundere Split Personality.  Will definitely be keeping an eye on Tosh in the future.

As usual, some minor edits and whatnot in the complete pack.

12 Responses to “[Tosh] Maid & Master & #2-chan (Complete) [ENG]”

  1. crono22

    Many Thanks Darknight.

  2. UnlimitedSky

    Well, this was better than I had imagined. Thank you very much for this. Hope we’ll be seeing more of Tosh in the near future.

  3. Ehud

    Many thanx Darknight. Great post.

  4. Stannis

    Thanks this is great! All of your translations are much appreciated!

  5. Zathael

    Many thanks for these chapters Darknight. If I were to try and get the rest of the tankoubon done, would you allow me to include your translations of these chapters in a full tank release? You would of course receive full credit for your part of the tankoubon.

    • darknight001

      sure, go ahead.

      • Zathael

        Well, this is certainly some good timing: I just saw that YQII has started on the rest of this book.

  6. Oliver

    Thanks a lot, Dark Knight, it was a great pleasure to read it 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    I think pg16 is missing from the book? It just skips from pg15 to pg17

  8. ale5000

    @Anonymous: I have downloaded the japanese version and I can say that the image “000 copy.jpg” is the one that should be named “016 copy.jpg”

  9. Anonymous


  10. TheGreyPanther

    Thank you Darknight for your part in translating the wonderful Menkui! tankoubon! The expression of gratitude may be long overdue but heartfelt nonetheless.

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