[Ooshima Ryou] A Day in the Life of the Theater Club ~COMPLETE~ [ENG]

Posted On April 17, 2010

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just chapter 5:


Miu End: 1  Harem End: 0.   Though I wouldn’t have minded some Kanno or more Morisawa material in there.

Archive of the complete story has some typo fixes and whatnot.   And be sure to check out Ryou’s Summer Emotion if you haven’t already.

12 Responses to “[Ooshima Ryou] A Day in the Life of the Theater Club ~COMPLETE~ [ENG]”

  1. gt

    thanks!! i’ve been waiting for the full volume to read it. keep up the good work!

  2. B-R

    Awesome! Thanks for the work!

  3. Ehud

    Many thanx Darknight for another awesome release.

  4. JukanX

    This begs for a continuation, hope the author does some bonus chapter for the tank release… Just imagine the farewell party for the third years. (^_~)
    Thanks for the translation, good job on the editing by the way.

  5. toripuri715517

    Thanks a lot for this one, the art was great and the story too, though sadly no harem end :3

  6. Anonymous

    harem ending lose 😦

  7. loplop

    Glad to see the main character get some balls and make a clear choice for a change. And that he chose to go with hot one instead of the childhood friend . . .

  8. Anonymous

    Thanks for the translation!!! You rock!!!

  9. No Comment

    Oh snap, a guy actually sticks to his original crush. I feel so confused now.

    And thanks.

  10. Kan

    link down!!!
    why mediafire, why??!!

  11. Faiz

    can anyone re-upload this..???

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