[Ooshima Ryou] A Day in the Life of the Theater Club ~Act 1-2~ [ENG]

Posted On April 4, 2010

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These people take method acting way too far…

I’m putting these two chapters together so the file numbering will match up.   Releases of this series will be single chapters from here on.

7 Responses to “[Ooshima Ryou] A Day in the Life of the Theater Club ~Act 1-2~ [ENG]”

  1. XiaL

    Yay.. thanks xD really love Ooshima’s works xD

  2. Ehud

    Great post. Many thanx Darknight. Do you intend to do the whole volume? Sure hope so.

    • darknight001

      There’s no tokubon at this point. But yes, I’ll be doing all 5 chapters of this story.

      • Ehud

        Thanx Darknight. These are great news.

  3. Tangerinus

    Great job I really like this series 🙂
    I hope You have this as Your highest priority now :>

  4. swahab

    Super!! I realy love this series.

  5. Oliver

    Thanks a lot for this great release, Dark Knight ^_^

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