[Ooshima Ryou] A Day in the Life of the Theater Club ~Act 1~ [ENG]

Posted On March 27, 2010

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I’m looking for a scan of Megastore H 6/09 so I can translate the whole series.   I’d be grateful if anyone knows where I can find one. Nevermind, just hit the net.

anyway, back to playing strange journey.

13 Responses to “[Ooshima Ryou] A Day in the Life of the Theater Club ~Act 1~ [ENG]”

  1. Anonymous

    I am having trouble with the mediafire link. Would it be possible to add an alternative link?

  2. Soge

    Ditto on the link trouble. Btw, could you use sharebee.com or massmirror.com as well as or instead of mediafire?

  3. Soge

    Nvm, thx.

  4. silverhand

    there are no source of mega H 6-09 and 4-09 until this day afaik…
    no megaH 4,6, 10-till the latest found

    • darknight001

      I am aware, that’s why I made the request.

      • silverhand

        oh btw, thanks for this…
        i forgot.. sorry..

  5. rune

    also having trouble accessing this dl on mediafire. could you upload it somewhere else?

  6. Ehud

    Many thanx Darknight for this lovely story.Ooshima Ryou is so awesome. Hope we’ll see a sequel to this 1.

  7. Mike

    megastore-h 2009-06 got scanned yesterday just so u know. If you got problem finiding it i can upload it for you.

  8. Anon

    looks like pant.su just posted a download link for it

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