[Choujikuu Yousai Kachuusha (Denki Shougun)] MEROMEROGIRLS2 MUSIWARA GIRLS SIDE (ONE PIECE) [ENG]

Posted On March 8, 2010

Filed under Doujin

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I don’t think it’s gonna be continued…

15 Responses to “[Choujikuu Yousai Kachuusha (Denki Shougun)] MEROMEROGIRLS2 MUSIWARA GIRLS SIDE (ONE PIECE) [ENG]”

  1. doft

    Are you going to continue Tsukino Jyogi’s tank Chijou no Hito

    • darknight001

      I dunnno, maybe.

      • 3333h

        Oh, this would be really AMAZING…Tsukino Jyogi is one of the greatest artist around^^

  2. Hikaru

    the title is to long and the last r is being cut off from te mediafire download making my computer think it is a real player file.

  3. Zathael

    I had the same problem, the file extension shows up as “.ra” instead of “.rar”, so it gets saved as a Real Audio file.

  4. AzureFlame

    just rename it with .rar
    problem solved 😀

    btw where’s meromerogirls1 ? Thanks

  5. Ehud

    Many thanx Darknight.

  6. robichoico

    Hi. This is robichoico from onepiece.ru. Please do not use scans without permission. Great job on the translation however.

    • darknight001

      my apologies, I’ll keep it in mind next time.

      • robichoico

        Its no problem. I don’t mind you using them as long as you ask first. You can reach me at mark_reed_15@hotmail.com if you wish to ask.

  7. Beetle

    Great site and translations, darknight001, really appreciate the effort you go through for translating.

    Boin Manga mo ichi dou itte kudasai!

  8. Piroca de Fantasma é Geladinha

    Nice stuff.

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