[Isako Rokuroh (Finecraft69)] Love Key (Bishoujo Kakumei KIWAME 2010-02 Vol.06) [ENG]

Posted On March 6, 2010

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This is probably one of the only “normal” Isako works ever.

8 Responses to “[Isako Rokuroh (Finecraft69)] Love Key (Bishoujo Kakumei KIWAME 2010-02 Vol.06) [ENG]”

  1. as363

    How come I never had a neighbor like that when I was growing up . Just not fair .
    Thanks for the translation – much appreciated.

  2. Stannis


  3. RKS

    I’m a fan of Isako rokuroh regardless of content, but milfs with young guys are greatly appreciated. 🙂

  4. kn09

    The artwork is great. and I don’t really have problem with so-called milfs with young guys.
    But after years of reading h-mangas,
    the plot of “a man gets to do it with a housewife while her husband is away” or
    “a young virgin boy, too eager to do it, does it with the first woman who let him (whomever she is)” still bothers me -_-a
    Is that good or bad I wonder?
    stops me from enjoying lots of stuff out there, lol >:)

  5. Ehud

    Many thanx Darknight.

    Kn09, it bothers me too, but what can we do? If we’ll stop reading this genre we’ll miss a lot of fun. BTW, according to the mangas, only the japanese women cheat on their husbands. Apparently the japanese husbands are angels of purity.

  6. kn09

    lol,,poor husbands then, Ehud (quickly trying to find a normal husband/wife themed h-manga in the collection to read)

    now I know one country I definitely wouldn’t want to live in when I had family much later… XD XD XD

  7. Wall

    Good stuff, Dark. Thanks. 😀

  8. kajok

    link lost plz re up load.

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