[Hitori Tower Bridge (Hakkyou Daioujou)] ODEN (Odin Sphere) [ENG]

Posted On February 28, 2010

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why aren’t there more Vanillaware doujin?

5 Responses to “[Hitori Tower Bridge (Hakkyou Daioujou)] ODEN (Odin Sphere) [ENG]”

  1. AzureFlame

    yeah, it’s a great game so we need more doujins

  2. kn09

    True, it is…
    Thank you very much for translating this one

    the last part where Gwendolyn had a “Level Up” is,,, well…
    Drinking Oswald’s must have added a WHOLE LOT of HP EXP for Gwendolyn
    Oswald should have hers too, then
    If only it was that easy in the game 😛

    oh,, crap. Now I want to play the game again

  3. Ehud

    Great story. Many thanx.

  4. Ale

    the end is so funny 😛

    “will you let me drink your love juices? i want to level up too”

  5. dizzle83

    Damn, DK, you’ve been busy. Thanks for the translations, man.

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